What is Galli Galli?

Galli Galli was registered as a non-profit distributing company in January 2013. Since its inception, Galli Galli’s goal has been to understand, intervene in, and improve the relationship between Nepalis and the Nepali state/bureaucracy. Currently, the bureaucracy’s role in the lives of citizens receives little practice/policy attention, with the focus on the political process. GG believes that any successful state-citizen relationship must be founded on practices of dialogue and participatory decision-making.

Galli Galli has already worked with several national and international organizations since 2013 such as Search for Royal Society of Arts (UK), ICIMOD (Nepal), The Accountability Lab, Search for Common Ground (USA), National Endowment for Democracy (NED- USA), Open Society Foundation (USA), The Asia Foundation (USA), Accountability Lab (USA), Gov Taipei-China, My Society (UK), People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network (Kenya), Budanilkantha Municipality (Nepal), Kathmandu Metropolitan City (Nepal), Martin Chautari (Nepal), Karkhana (Nepal), Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Kathmandu University (Nepal) and Association of Youth-Led Organizations Nepal (AYON).

Galli Galli has 5 major working areas:

(i) Citizen-led Assessment

​(ii) Citizen-State Relations and Public Service Delivery,

(iii) Media and Human Rights Research

(iv) Peace Education Research.

(v) Digital Rights and Open Data

Please click here, to access GalliGalli’s videos on the youtube channel which has a compilation of videos of its activities.