What is Galli Galli?

Galli Galli is a non-profit organization, registered at the Office of the Company Registrar and Social Welfare Council in January 2013. Since its inception, GalliGalli’s goal has been to understand, intervene in, and improve the relationship between Nepalese and the Nepali state/ bureaucracy.

Galli Galli is working in 5 major areas:

(i) Citizen-led Assessment  ​

(ii) Citizen-State Relations and Public Service Delivery

(iii) Media and Human Rights Research

ASER in Nepal

Currently, Galli Galli is also hosting the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Research in Nepal.ASER is a citizen-led assessment (CLA) methodology to assess the literacy and numeracy learning of all children aged 5-16. It is implemented at the household level in the communities. Between 2016-2020, we have reached 1282 communities and villages, mobilized almost 6000 youth volunteers and surveyed almost 125000 children in Nepal. Galli Galli is part of a network of 14 countries from Global South countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America those working to ensure every child learns through various learning assessment methods. Please click here to access more information on GalliGalli and ASER Nepal. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a Citizen-led Assessments....

Upcoming Event

Call for Articles/Papers

  Request for Articles Submission for a national seminar on “Current Debates of Foundational Learning and Assessments”   Galli Galli is going to organize a one-day national seminar on “Current...

Aug 28, 2023

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Orientation on Foundational Learning Assessment for Teachers

On 28th April 2023, an orientation program on citizen-led assessment (CLA) was organized for public school teachers of Lalitpur in collaboration with Prabidhi Maitri Shikshak Samaj at Revive Leisure Park...

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