Orientation and Reflection Program on Citizen Led Assessment (CLA) with Youths


Galli Galli organized an orientation program about Citizen-led Assessment and assessment tools on the 18th of March 2023. This event was organized as a part of the advocacy activities under the South Asian Assessment Alliance: Communicating and Collaborating for Change” project. The objective of the event was to orient youth on citizen-led assessment, what it entails, its importance, and how to use the CLA tools to generate evidence for advocacy for improved learning. 


 The participants showed interest in different kinds of CLAs such as paper-based and tab-based.  They were also interested in knowing how the data collected is processed. Overall, it was a successful event in evoking interest in CLA and informing them about its importance in improving the learning of children in the context of Nepal. 


Similarly, on 22nd March, 2023, a consultation event was organized with youth, who have worked as volunteers on CLA. About 34 youths participated in the event. Galli Galli had provided training to these volunteers on CLA, and the process to conduct CLA. The purpose of the event was to gain volunteers’ insights and experiences of CLA that they conducted in a school-level setting. 


During the event, the participants discussed the strengths and limitations of CLA. Volunteering for CLA provided them the opportunity to understand and see the reality of the learning situation of children in schools and the status of the learning level of children.