Election Awareness Campaign 2017

Realizing the importance of the elections and the role, Galli Galli could play as a responsible civil society organization, it was engaged in various election awareness campaigns. It took the responsibility to target the younger population, of age 18 and above and active on social media to educate them on what the Local Level Election is its scope and functions, and what one could do to cast their votes. GG also sent out open and free invitations for interested people and demonstrated a voting process through a rehearsed activity. All of them were made to participate in the voting exercise, so as to get them acquainted with the do and don’ts of voting and educate them to an extent that would equip them to share their knowledge with their families and friends.

The outputs of the campaign are:

1) Publication of the ASD Project

2) Information on Local Level Election 2017

3) GalliGalli’s Election Video-1

4) GalliGalli’s Election Video-2

5) GalliGalli’s Election Video-3

6) GalliGalli’s Election Video-4

7) GalliGalli’s Election Video-5

8) GalliGalli’s Election Video-6

9) GalliGalli’s Election Video-7

10) GalliGalli’s Election Video-8