ASER 2022: Rural Municipality Level Report Dissemination

After the preparation of municipal-wise reports, the ASER Nepal team visited 4 rural municipalities in Karnali province to disseminate the findings of ASER from 9th July to July 12. 


The team met with the chairpersons of rural municipalities, ward presidents, chief administrative officers, and education officers. The Programme Manager Ms. Pramila Bisunke and Programme Officer Ms. Jasmine Shakya of the project briefly explained the status of children’s learning outcomes in the present context, explained the assessment tools, and its process of assessment, and also presented a brief summary of specific rural municipalities. 


The Chairperson of Simta rural municipality, Mr. Ain Bahadur Chand committed that he would share the results in the upcoming meeting with school principals. The Vice Chairperson of Siddha Kumakh rural municipality, Mr. Ram Bahadur Basnet emphasized the multifaceted aspect of quality education such as teacher’s teaching, children’s motivation to learn and learning environment at home and school which need to be considered for improved learning. The Chairperson of Shiwalaya, Mr. Sher Bahadur Shahi and the Chairperson of Barahtaal rural municipality, Mr. Bhim Bahadur Bhandari appreciated the efforts made by ASER Nepal in mirroring the learning situation of children in their locality and committed to take the evidence further in their team for discussion and interventions for improving children’s learning.  


At the end of the report dissemination in each Rural Municipality, the team also distributed the assessment tools, copies of report, and community report card.