ASER 2022 (Karnali Province) Report Launch Event


On 1st April 2023, ASER Karnali 2022 report launch event was organized in Surkhet under The South Asian Assessment Alliance project implemented in the Karnali region. The event was organized at the Hotel De Namaste, Birendranagar Surkhet of Karnali Province. The ASER Karnali 2022 Report was launched in the presence of 140 participants including Karnali province’s Chief Minister Honorable Raj Kumar Shama, Karnali province’s Chief Secretary Mr. Gopi Krishna Khanal, Chairpersons from different local government officials, CSOs, academicians, private sector, CLA volunteers and media persons. Dissemination of result findings is an important part of advocacy where the evidence created informs policymakers and other education stakeholders of the situation of children’s learning of foundational literacy and numeracy skills in their areas.


The report launch event was successful in highlighting the evidence generated on the foundational learning outcome of children in the surveyed region of Karnali province as well as the importance of citizen-led assessment. The result of the findings, and the evidence generated, sensitized the government officials and other participants on the stark learning result of children in Karnali Province. The guests realized the importance of the CLA and how this can be a powerful tool in understanding children’s learning in the community and how the evidence generated can inform education policy-making and relevant interventions for improving children’s learning outcomes of foundational literacy and numeracy. In the speeches that the guests gave, they highlighted that the findings from the ASER Karnali have pushed them to take further steps in improving children’s learning. They also highlighted the need for education to be time-relevant and context relevant.