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My Internship journey at Galli Galli

After working as a teacher for almost 3 years, I started thinking about a career in some other education-related sectors where I could also use the skills of my educational background Masters in Business Studies (MBS). That is when I came to know about the internship opportunity at Galli Galli.

 As I am almost at the end of my 6 months internship with Galli Galli, I would like to share my experience. I applied for this internship with the objective to learn some organizational skills, teamwork, admin, finance-related work, and other professional skills required for my career and personal development.  

 While reflecting on my involvement with Galli Galli at this point, I believe that I have been able to achieve my objectives. This six-month internship has taught me about planning, giving attention to detail, analysis, documentation, writing professional emails, data entry, office management, record keeping, time management, and prioritizing to-do lists among others. On top of fine-tuning my interpersonal and organizational skills, I have also learned many more life lessons and skills from the team members whom I work with.

Apart from admin, finance, and operations, this internship has also exposed me to the world of children’s foundational learning and assessment through Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) –  Citizen-led Assessment (CLA). This has always been one of the areas of my interest. I have had great learning from this internship, and I know that I have to learn a lot more to be professional in this work sphere.

After spending time working with many different organizations, I can certainly say that Galli Galli has been a unique learning experience for me. It is an interesting with the combination of learning and working that helps employees to be versatile. My deepest appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Pramila Bisunke and Mrs. Jasmine Shakya for guiding, motivating, and supporting me at every step, as well as providing me with a warm and welcoming environment during the internship period. At the end I would like to say that the internship here for this short period of time has sharpened me for my personal life and professional career. 

Manisha Gahatraj

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