ASER in Nepal

Currently, Galli Galli is also hosting the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Research in Nepal.ASER is a citizen-led assessment (CLA) methodology to assess the literacy and numeracy learning of all children aged 5-16. It is implemented at the household level in the communities. Between 2016-2020, we have reached 1282 communities and villages, mobilized almost 6000 youth volunteers and surveyed almost 125000 children in Nepal. Galli Galli is part of a network of 14 countries from Global South countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America those working to ensure every child learns through various learning assessment methods. Please click here to access more information on GalliGalli and ASER Nepal.

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a Citizen-led Assessments. Citizen-led means that all activities are conducted by common citizens. These citizens, usually volunteers, take the opportunity to connect with communities across the country and gather data that can help learning better.ASER is citizen-led because it is a way for all of us, especially youth, to engage in making the education system better for everyone, though technical people design its methods. The ASER Nepal survey has been piloted in one district in 2016, in one municipality in 2017-18, and in one province in 2019. The survey, like its peers worldwide, will provide invaluable data on the basic ability of children (aged 5-16 years) in Nepal with regards to their ability to read and do basic math at 3rd-grade level. ASER Nepal also conducts additional studies to add to the findings of the ASER.In particular, ASER Nepal is deeply interested in generating more data about the learning of skills and digital literacy.

With a difficult alpine terrain and limited transport infrastructure implementing a nationwide assessment poses many logistical challenges. ASER Nepal is looking to build a model of strongly resourced local partners that handle the assessment in their own local area. In the pilot, local colleges and university were engaged to provide a cadre of committed and capable assessment volunteers. The national assessment will build on this model creating college level classes where students learn about the ASER and get field practice as part of their coursework.

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