What is Galli Galli?

Galli Galli is a non-profit company established in January 2013. Since its inception, Galli Galli’s goal has been to understand, intervene in, and improve the relationship between citizens and the state/bureaucracy. Galli Galli believes that any successful state-citizen relationship must be founded on practices of dialogue and participatory decision- making through evidence-based service delivery, policy and action.Galli Galli believes that citizens‟ access to information regarding government services is central to maintaining public faith in democratic government.

Currently, Galli Galli is hosting a Citizen- led Assessment project called Annual Status of Education Report in Nepal (ASER in Nepal). ASER is a citizen-led assessment methodology to assess foundational literacy and numeracy of all school-age children. In particular, ASER Nepal initiative at Galli Galli is deeply interested in generating more data about the foundational learning and funtionctional digital literacy. GalliGalli is part of People’s Action for Learning (PAL), a network of 14 countries from Global South countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, those working to ensure every child learns through various learning assessment methods.

Galli Galli has already worked/collaborated/partnered with several national and international organizations since 2013 such as Search for Royal Society of Arts (UK); ICIMOD (Nepal); Search for Common Ground (USA); National Endowment for Democracy (NED- USA); Open Society Foundation (USA); The Asia Foundation (USA); The Accountability Lab (USA); Gov Taipei-China; My Society (UK); People’s Action for Learning (PAL) Network (Kenya); Budanilkantha Municipality (Nepal); Kathmandu Metropolitan City (Nepal); Tulsipur Municipality (Nepal); Hetauda Municipality (Nepal), Manahari Municipality (Nepal); Martin Chautari (Nepal); Karkhana (Nepal); Kathmandu University (Nepal); Association of Youth-Led Organizations Nepal (AYON); Collaborative School Network (CSN); SAHAS Nepal; Nepal Bar Association; Foundation of Open Society International (FOSI); University of Leeds (UK); University of Lincoln (UK); Human Rights Film Centre (HRFC); Global Partnership for Education (GPE)/ Education Out Loud (EOL); Street Child (UK); MIA (Mexico); Centre for Media, Human Rights and Peacebuilding (CMHRP- UK) and GATE Institute (UK).

Galli Galli has a vision: “To create public services better through transparency, open data and citizen mobilization for a just world”.

The AGM in 2023 discussed and identified a few overall values of the organization which are ever evolving:
a. Focus accountability: believing that citizens should be involved in governance and that “transparency and data” makes services better and exploring activities and initiatives which involve and mobilize citizens to create accountable, transparent and tolerant societies.
b. Be small: when the intention is to radically reform the system, large amounts of money and manpower must be gathered. At Galli Galli, we take the opposite approach; by ourselves, we cannot even begin to dent the system. We use limited resources and focus as much as possible on collaborations and crowdsourcing and keeping a very small office team, and rely on a large number of citizen-volunteers located in the communities.
c. Be experimental: There are no known solutions to the complex issues we are working on. There is no guarantee that any given intervention will succeed. And there is no shame in failure.
d. Be self-sufficient: intending to be able to earn enough money to support core operate. We intend over time to vend services to keep operations running.

Major Working Areas
Commiting to its values and mission, Galli Galli undertakes activities in 4 major working areas:
(i) Data driven Decision Making in Education Governance:
(ii) Transparency and Accountability in Public Service Delivery through Open Access to Information:
(iii) Strengthening Peace Education through the Participation of youths:
(iv) Research and Mapping Exercises on Digital Rights and Open Data Governance

Please click here, to access GalliGalli’s videos on the youtube channel which has a compilation of videos of its activities.

Please click here to access GalliGalli’s strategic documents.